old woman with swollen ankles

I am worried about my swollen ankles

Family history of heart disease (at any age but especially under 50 years of age) increases risk for heart disease, heart attacks among family members.

Persistent ankle swelling is seen with some BP tablets; in patients with varicose veins; people with kidney problems, thyroid problems and in patients with heart failure.

Could my swollen ankles be a sign of heart failure?

Heart failure should be considered when person has chest pain, palpitations, weight gain, tiredness. There may be swelling of the tummy and loss of appetite. Patients may have high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, valve disease, heart rhythm problems, smokers, family history of heart problems.

Treating swollen ankles with blood pressure tablets

Ankle swelling may lead to change in BP tablets; or the addition of water tablets / more treatments depending on cause and what tests show. In case of heart failure and other heart conditions (High blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, smoking) individual tailored treatment plans can be arranged to manage diet, to monitor weight, educate patients and to help them with tablets and daily life.