Old man worried that his chest pain could mean a heart attack

I’m having chest pain, could this be a heart attack?

Chest pain on left side, which radiates to arm / neck, that is heavy or dull in nature may be caused by underlying heart disease / blocked arteries. When pain is severe, at rest and feels like a weight it might suggest a heart attack.

Chest pain and related symptoms

Chest pain may be accompanied by symptoms such as sweating, shortness of breath, fatigue / tiredness, palpitations, dizziness; often on exertion and relieved with rest (Angina).

Common causes of chest pain

Heart disease is more common in smokers, people with obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, a family history of heart disease. In diabetes heart disease may be present without any symptoms.Patients with chest pain should see a doctor and have bloods (cholesterol, glucose); BP, weight check, ECG. They may need stress test; echocardiogram, heart monitor; an invasive Angiogram / CT angiogram to look at arteries.

If there is heart disease, medications (Aspirin, beta blockers, statins) will be prescribed and in some cases stenting / angioplasty or CABG (surgery) may be performed if significant blockages are found in arteries.

What should I do?

Patients who think that they are having a heart attack should call 999 or see their doctor immediately.