‘Here’s why woman need to look after their heart more’ – article in the Irish Examiner

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Here is a link to a recent article I did with the Irish Examiner. It can often be the case that women overlook tell-tale signs that could lead to a heart attack.

Light Valentines evening meal

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Grilled Salmon Darn with Mango and Lime Salsa 1tsp finely grated fresh ginger Finely grated juice and rind of 1 lime Small bunch of coriander chopped ½ Red Chilli chopped and deseeded if preferred 1 Salmon Darn per person Mango and Lime Salsa ½ firm ripe Mango peeled, stoned and… Read More»

Healthy Living Eating Tips

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Hydrate: drink 2 litres of water daily non flavoured still and sparkling Make sure breakfast is part of your day. Protein based fills you for longer Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables – full of dietary fibre and antioxidants. Cut down on refined and processed foods like sugars, bread,… Read More»

Recent article in the Independent on Stress Management

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The complete guide to stress and how you can banish it from your life. I was happy to help out with this article on stress management. If you are you stressed, I would recommend getting you heart checked out.

Irish Independent Interview

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Here is a link to an article I did with the Irish Independent on Thursday, 26th January.