I am Dr Robert Kelly, Consultant Cardiologist at Beacon Hospital, Dublin.

I am interested in all aspects of heart disease, especially coronary artery disease. I have special expertise in imaging / cardiac CT; coronary angiography and stenting. I am also interested in risk factor assessment and management of heart disease, stroke and atrial fibrillation.

I also see patients with sports cardiology concerns; occupational cardiovascular health issues and medicolegal referrals.

I am a graduate of RSCI; I am internationally trained in Cardiology in Ireland, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Scotland UK, Antrim Area Hospital, Northern Ireland, and University of North Carolina Hospital, Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA.

I am MD MBA. I completed MBA at Henley UK in 2013. I am an innovator and entrepreneur. I run a healthcare consultancy business with special interest in patient engagement, innovation management and business model innovation.

I have active interest in exponential technologies in healthcare. I actively use new digital technologies and social media as part of patient care.

I am a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, Fellow of American College of Cardiology and Fellow of European Society of Cardiology.