Healthy Living

Is an innovative patient engagement business transforming preventative healthcare in Ireland.

We are a whole patient care centred service bringing Consultant Cardiologist, Nutritionist / Health coach and Patient together supported by clinical psychology and exercise training input.

We work with patients and individuals plus their families to improve cardiovascular health and wellness by gaining self control over weight, food intake, stress, sleep habits and medical illness, thereby reducing risk of heart attack, stroke or premature death.

Clients receive 1:1 personalized tailored care delivered face -to- face and using video and chat messaging. We can also upload wearable data, weight and calories.

We work with all patients cardiac and non-cardiac and any individual who is challenged with weight and related health problems, stress, work -life balance, low mood, and poor self-control. Clients follow a program of weight, food, motivation and exercise management delivered by health coaching methods.

There is excellent clinical data showing that this approach reduces risk of heart disease. BP, cholesterol, diabetes and obesity but also regresses heart disease and risk. Several patients lower their need for medications and improve their overall health. They also improve sleep, self-esteem, physical activity and work productivity. We have 70 clients to date, of whom 95% of have lost over 3 stone in weight over 2-3 months and sustained this.

RK Cardiology Healthy Living is based at Beacon Court, Sandyford Dublin 18. It is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Kelly and Ms. Martina Gallivan. It was founded in January 2016.

The business model focuses on patients, individuals and corporate customers. It is a subscription model. You pay for 3-month plan and there is a monthly maintenance plan option. The program is authentic, transparent and natural with no protein bars or powder shake/soup supplements needed.

We collaborate with Food /Sports / Wellness Companies and Resorts. RK Cardiology Healthy Living is a tremendous opportunity for all individuals to improve their health, feel better and live longer.

Appointments can be made at 01-2920510.