Christmas Tips

Posted by Dr. Robert Kelly


healthy christmas dinner

Some tips to get you over the Christmas period and yet still manage your weight.

  1. Use mindful eating techniques: Mindfulness is about being in a state of general awareness at each meal. Therefore, be aware of what is on your plate and eat slowly ensuring that you put your knife and fork down after each bite.

  2. Your body doesn’t realise that it’s Christmas: Don’t fall off your plan just because it’s Christmas. Successful weight loss means not using “occasions” to over-indulge!

  3. Be sensible about portion sizes: Weight-loss doesn’t have to be drudgery. If you’re faced with a situation whereby you don’t have a choice because someone else has cooked, just take tiny portions. Have a bit of everything but don’t overdo it!

  4. Listen to your stomach: Your stomach will tell you when you’ve had enough! Beware of “eyes bigger than belly” scenario.

  5. Be alcohol aware : Alcohol is twice as calorific gram for gram as protein or carbohydrate so be sensible. Drink lots of water whilst drinking alcohol.  Be aware that should you overindulge,  you will increase your weight.

  6. Chocolates, and other sweet treats: Again, be sensible. Chocolates, sweets, mince pies and tempting desserts are all laden with calories so if you must, take tiny portions.

  7. Take a mature approach: We are all adults with a sense of responsibility so try not to become rebellious just because you are watching your weight? Take a mature approach and think of the advantages of losing weight? Fundamentally you have an agenda, and that is to reach your target weight.

  8. Don’t resent the occasion: It’s Christmas so enjoy it! You’re doing exactly the same as everyone else, it’s  just that you’re dealing with it differently.
  9. Give yourself credit over Christmas: For each time you avoid temptation, congratulate yourself because this is probably the hardest event of the year to stick to a weight loss programme. Reward yourself! (WITH A NON FOOD REWARD REMEMBER!)

  10. Exercise: This is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of your time off so try to exercise. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, it can be something you enjoy like for example walking or cycling. However remember it takes 3,500 calories expenditure to burn off just 1lb of fat so don’t be tempted to believe that you’ll “walk off the calories.”

  11. Visualise: take a few moments each day to visualise reaching your weight-loss target. Use the next season as your focus, for example next summer, and visualise what you’ll look like for your 2017 holiday!! Tell yourself “you’re worth it!”

  12. Finally: Relax. Put the “social” into this occasion. It’s not about food or drink, it’s about getting together with family and friends. You come first so the food and alcohol must come secondary whilst you are in the process of losing weight. So enjoy the occasion for what it is and after Christmas you will be thrilled for sticking to your general plan.