Christmas Menu Plan

Posted by Dr. Robert Kelly


healthy christmas dinner

Breakfast Option

1oz (50g) Smoked Salmon with 1 Poached Egg
Lightly Boiled Egg with asparagus stalks
½ cup (30g) cooked porridge with raspberries and cinnamon

Christmas Dinner Option

2 thin slices of Turkey and 1 slice of ham.
1 Tbsp. stuffing. (Your choice)
Plenty of vegetables. (Use fresh herbs and lemon zest to add flavour) instead of butter.
Gravy. Use granulated gravy = each 50ml portion is 13calories
Or just use the turkey juice (skim off the fat) and add water and lemon juice
1 x small Roast Potato. Add spray oil to the potato as it makes it crispier. Spray oil = 1calorie

Christmas Dessert Option

Make some trifle using sugar free jelly and raspberries. Add in some sherry if preferred. Use low fat custard or home-made custard and a small amount of cream if desired.

Christmas Supper Option

2oz Chicken / Pepper kebab skewers
3 Skewered cocktail sausages with roasted skewered peppers