Mission & Values

To provide:

  1. Easy access to clinic visits with consultant cardiologist who is caring, understanding and wants to help people deal with healthcare needs / worries.
  2. Comprehensive, thorough consultation information about conditions & diagnosis & test results
  3. Access to testing such as ECG, echo. Stress testing, coronary angiograms, coronary angioplasty / stenting and cardiac CT
  4. Availability of follow up consultation by consultant cardiologist by phone / face to face.
  5. Provision of written information, referral to useful websites, involvement in clinical trials, engagement with new technologies and treatments to optimise patient health needs, such as telecardiology and wellness monitoring.
  6. Admission to hospital where necessary with comprehensive cardiology care from consultant cardiologist and personal referral to other high quality specialists based on cardiologists recommendations.
  7. Access to online cardiology health conversations, communities of health interest to optimise patient health needs.
  8. Access to similar RK Cardiology professional services, such as RK Healthcare Consulting ( business imagination & healthcare innovation services) and RK cardiology Healthy Living program (to boost cardiac health and wellness, manage stress and improve quality & length of life).